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STRATUM - Investment, development, conference

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The STRATUM Corporation is the first company in the Urals offering a full set of professional investment and marketing services since 1997.

The STRATUM Corporation has earned the reputation of a trustworthy partner able to do the most complicated and demanding projects. We have attained this following the basic principles of a systematic approach, attention to every detail and aiming at practical results.

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The STRATUM Corporation's professional support†is more effective for:

  • Ural companies moving to a new quality stage of growth and development
  • Russian and foreign companies entering the Ural market with investment projects
  • Leading financial institutes and market leaders interested in brand promotion and enhancing their business reputation in the Ural region

STRATUM specialists are members of the following expert councils: Consulting Council on Foreign Activity by plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Ural Federal Region, Economic Council of experts and counselors of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region, Interdepartmental Coordinating Council on innovating activity in the Chelyabinsk region.


  • Strategic consulting
  • Value based management
  • Managing group of companies
  • Corporate finance
  • M&A Consulting (acquiring, selling, merging, splitting businesses and property complexes)
  • Finance and Investment analysis
  • Developing and supervising investment projects
  • Organizing financing and relationship with investors
  • Real estate consulting (plot and projects development)
  • Organizing regional forums and conferences on Investments
  • Promoting brands and companies at regional forums and conferences
  • EVENT-MARKETING (presentation of companies, press-conferences, press-tours)
  • Business-Link (aiding in international business cooperation)

Chelyabinsk: +7(351) 239 94 20
Ekaterinburg: +7(343) 222 13 14

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+7 (351) 239 94 20


STRATUM - Investment, marketing, conference
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